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Day 6:the bare invisible beauty of revolutionary real people. Today the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE eerily co-mingle for us with three milestones.   PAST: Model Naomi Sims died on Saturday at age 61.  1969.  Before there was a Miss Naomi Campbell there was a Miss Naomi Sims. Two years after of the Summer of Love, […]

  Relax?  ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED issues of American Vogue and only FIVE covers graced by people of color? You better work Supermodel! With the refrain: “We already have our black girl“, still being heard, we still have much work to do.  Images like Naomi above and Sessilee Lopez in Harpers Bazaar which don’t fetishize, isolate or stereotype are […]

  Malheur!  Seems like the kids can’t swim in the Pool in Pennsylvania nor walk the Runways in Paris. Paris prefers whites only on the runways so whose brands should we support?  Runways have huge visual influence on how we see ourselves and our world and clearly the vision from top Paris designers is: See White Only […]

My first call was to Bethann Hardison. “The Goddess” championing for Women and Men of Color on the runways and fashion pages. We see her as the heralder and voice for visibility beyond the Pale. (image from Uptown magazine’s recent article) Second call. I had a vibrant talk with Rosemary E. Miller, the author of  “The Threads […]