Day 6:the bare invisible beauty of revolutionary real people.


Day 6:the bare invisible beauty of revolutionary real people.

Today the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE eerily co-mingle for us with three milestones.

Naomi Sims blue 

PAST: Model Naomi Sims died on Saturday at age 61. 

Naomi Sims on Life

1969.  Before there was a Miss Naomi Campbell there was a Miss Naomi Sims. Two years after of the Summer of Love, Naomi Sims appeared on LIFE magazine with a headline “Black Models Take Center Stage”, a seemingly prophetic title and now just seeming somewhat ironic, archaic and naive.  She was considered the “first black supermodel” for her cover of Ladies Home Journal in 1968, modeled for five years and became a very successful business woman with her wig-making business and her authoring of five books on beauty and modeling.


PRESENT: Today, speaking of invisible beauty, here are Bethann Hardison and Bruce Weber, two extraordinary behind-the-scenes image creators, at the Gordon Parks Foundation gala from Kenya Hunt’s blog.

FUTURE: Toccara Jones and Bethann’s Invisible Beauty


Italy once again celebrates diversity, this time with curves in a La Stampa article. Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana have been the most curve-friendly designers and Steven Meisel carried the torch when he chose plus-size black model, Toccara Jones, for her celebrated curves in the all black issue of Vogue Italia. 

We vote Toccara, Most Likely To Succeed and Showcase the Bare Invisible Beauty of Revolutionary Real People. She took her success on America’s Next Top Model and is full-on starting her future wealth early with her TV appearances and her fitness videos for sale on her site, The Fabulous Toccara.


Invisible Beauty, is Bethann Hardison’s documentary, in the works for eight years. The film is an intimate look at the industry where astonishingly, black women are becoming invisible, despite the accomplishments of several black supermodels in previous decades. Bethann never wanted the revolutionary slant but her team felt the racism as she told her stories.  The film’s producer is Selina Lewis Davidson with Jeff Zimbalist as Co-Director. 

When I called Bethann a “Superstar” the other day, she politely corrected me. “Call me a Revolutionary,” she said.

The torch of celebrating Invisible Beauty must be kept lit.  Diversity is a Beaut.

Click here for the event “Fashion Beyond The Pale”

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