Day 3 Paris=Life?? Parie Prefere “Whites Only”



Chanel Iman

Malheur!  Seems like the kids can’t swim in the Pool in Pennsylvania nor walk the Runways in Paris. Paris prefers whites only on the runways so whose brands should we support?  Runways have huge visual influence on how we see ourselves and our world and clearly the vision from top Paris designers is: See White Only or White Preferably.

Only TWO Black skinned Beauties on the top five designer catwalks. Chanel Iman (above) at Dior and new-comer R’el Dade at Valentino.

Rel Dade, long dress

She’s exquisite and everyone commented on her Presence.


See the “Score Bored” below of Chanel, Armani, Dior, Givenchy and Valentino.  Do you buy these names?  Maybe time to vote with one’s designer purse. A ticket to Fashion Beyond The Pale in New York in September is another VOTE FOR CHANGE.

Laksmi Menon JPG

Jean Paul Gaultier for Dior did the best to mix it up racially as he chose Lakshmi Menon from India and Liu Wen from China.

Lakshmi Menon is an Indian model now regularly seen on the runways of New York and Paris, in international fashion publications and advertising.

Lakshmi Menon

London’s Independent has some great commentary on India’s first supermodel:  One can’t help but ask, what took so long? …skin colour and ethnicity are a different matter and, in the past decade, public demands for a greater number of black models have made it clear that there is no excuse for the fashion world’s failure to embrace non-Caucasian women. Strangely, however, little mention has been ever made of the absence of Indian and South Asian girls on the runways.

Here is Liu Wen at Dior.

Liu Wen

Shu Pei Quin at Chanel

shu pei quin


Buyers in China perhaps?  Where are my couture wearing Black Superstars calling out these brands in songs? Where are my couture wearing sport stars, executives, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs?   What are you wearing, buying, coveting? Shoes, bags, sunglasses all cast your vote.  What will you boycott?  Hmmm…


Givenchy     0

Dior   3    Jean Paul Gaultier is Best of Show with Chanel, Liu and Lakshmi

Chanel  2     Shu Pei Qin and Daul Kim

Valentino 1    R’el Dade

Armani    0

(most images from

Click here for the event “Fashion Beyond The Pale”


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