Day 2: Alva, Kelly, Sophie and Uptown


Alva ChinnOK, I had this exact outfit!  So this is famed model, Alva Chinn.  Can you picture Alva in a yoga class in Child’s pose where my partner, Michelle Barge is teaching and is the only one to recognize the famous “Halstonette”?  The famed designer’s favorite model was elusive to find since her yoga class appearances and we so wanted her and others to be a part of the Fashion Beyond The Pale event!

elusive, that is…until today’s Classic New York moment where Michelle spied her inside of a closed subway car about to leave the platform.  The two exchanged excited mouthings to “Call Me!” “How do I find You?” while I watched in awe and the subway lurched forward.  What a sign!  Alva!


Here is Alva with designer, Stephen Burrows.  

Two Facebooking friending/re-uniting happenings of interest related to the event and this subject are with Sophie Theallet, one of my favorite new designers, who used an all black cast of models in her last show and Kelly E. Carter, the entertainment writer who told me of her lunch with Bethann, Iman and Galina Espinoza of People magazine where they passionately discussed the issue as People was considering a story.

Uptown magazine recently interviewed Bethann.  Len Burnett, Uptown‘s publisher, is another person very passionate about this issue.  When the all-black Italian Vogue came out last year, he was immediately ready to do an event like this. Can you believe, that I read today that someone actually said they were worried about the issue selling???  Actually, sales were up 654% from the previous issue in bookstores across America and you can read all over the web how all over the world people were frantic trying to find copies.

If this were not enough, I’ll end this post today with my favorite image on my desktop lately.  It says it all.


Click here for the event “Fashion Beyond The Pale”

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